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Mizani Media Cloud OneWeb Theme Demo Site
easy-to-use platform for editing and updating!

Mizani Media is always on the lookout for new, faster, modern technology to provide you with the most cutting-edge platforms to deliver an exceptional digital experience to you and your customers.
With our new platform, hundreds of plug-ins are available for free, which include, but are not limited to, photo galleries, blogs, shopping carts, video slide shows, social media connections and more. Because we use Apple technology, your website is safe and secure. Unlike Word Press websites where the risk of being hacked is exponentially greater.
Many of our customers have asked to edit their own website, and now that is available to those who are interested. With our new cloud-based web platform YOU will be able to edit the content of your website and mobile app yourself. No more waiting around for updates to be completed. Whether it’s text, photo galleries, or updates to your shopping cart the power is in your hands with our new web platform. Updates take less than 5 seconds to publish. 

With our new platform you no longer need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) by your web hosting company, which is saving you $200-$300.00 annually. 
As current clients transition to our new platform, no more monthly maintenance fees will apply.
We will also be offering free support, including online training classes and videos (if necessary) to teach how simple this new platform is for you to edit and manage.
We are currently offering two promotional payment plans:

Sale for limited Time :
Options Total CMS One Web:
$1000 down to build your website and only $99
( Usually $175) link to directly to Google Server,
One month to maintain, support, and secure your website.
included 8 free Online Videos Training
Options Two Total CMS Web & App:

One Web Platform, which includes the mobile website, Apple’s Mobile App, and Android’s Google Play Mobile App for Only Pay $199 (Usually $275) no money down.
Give us a call today to to learn about this new platform!
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